Want to build or grow your freelance career?

I can help with that!

Hey there, I’m Sarah!

My goal is to help you build the freelance writing career of your dreams. I want to help you spend less time writing for ‘exposure’ and more time getting paid for your valuable skill set.

As a writer myself, I’ve built a freelance career that completely transformed my life. I no longer have to show up for a 9 to 5 and have the flexibility to spend time on what matters most to me without giving up financial stability. I’d love to share the strategies that helped me grow my career so that you can build the career you’ve been dreaming about.

Want to make sure I’m actually a freelance writer?

I don’t blame you! The internet is full of misleading people. The good news is that I’m a legitimate freelance writer whose been building my portfolio since 2016. You can find my work on sites like Rocket Mortgage, USA Today, and Business Insider. If you want to find more clips, check out my portfolio.

Transform your financial future.

Building the freelance writing career of your dreams is a big task. But once you have a stream of money flowing into your bank account, what’s next?

Of course, the first priority is to cover your bills. But a freelance career doesn’t need to translate into barely scraping by. It’s possible to you can leverage the control you have over your income into a brighter financial future.

Let me help you build a lucrative freelance writing career!

I’ve hit quite a few bumps in the road. You can take a shortcut by learning from my mistakes.